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2016-02-28 15:54:17 by Philbofett

My songs don't seem to appear anywhere on newsgrounds


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2016-12-23 02:48:53

This is because you aren't scouted yet.

Philbofett responds:

can you help me at all? like how on earth did you find me?


2016-12-23 02:49:26

Might I add that largely, this is because of many thieves stealing songs for GD and clogging up the scouting system.

Philbofett responds:

oh, ok- but my songs are 100% made by me. I make them on garageband, and they don't sound THAT professional, plus- nobody has ever heard of these songs except the people I show it too because I made them, and could you scout my songs, that would be really awesome because I want to make a level I'm GD to my music (that I made)